Hearts & Minds by DigitalFolk


Combining electronic music with the folklore and culture of our time, DigitalFolk are heralds of conscious dance music and the celebration of life in the Age of Aquarius. With their revolutionary approach and style, DigitalFolk is breaking the boundaries of electronic music by infusing binaural-resonance and harmonic geometry in their music. These long time friends have decided to offer something bigger, something different, something meaningful: music that shines a light to inspire the mind in the language of souls.

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Hearts & Minds is a 12 track concept album that was created during the 2012 shift. Each track is a spiritual mantra that highlights concepts from the journey to awakening. Each song is masterfully crafted with synthetic sounds infused with beautiful acoustic instruments. World sounds from every continent are represented as the album carries you away into a higher being. Hearts & Minds is hybrid-genre with fresh perspectives on tonality and composition. Tropical, Psychedelic and Funky, Hearts & Minds is a amazing reminder that we are eternal, spiritual beings living a human experience. Power dubstep, exciting GlitchHop and trance-like elements swirl around you as you are lifted into a new consciousness.

DigitalFolk are pioneers of the “Perfect Circle of Sound” and have created the worlds first hybrid tuning “SolfegEqual” that integrates equal-temperament ratios with sacred-geometry to produce Solfeggio Harmonics. The study of vibrational queues has led to compositions that manifest higher consciousness and new awareness which has bridged the gap between the party scene and the movement for transformation.

DigitalFolk [Dan Alvidrez (Builder) & Daniel Lesser (DU3)], are two notorious producers from the San Francisco Bay Area who have headlined as Dan the “BUILDER” and DU3 (Divine Unity of Three). DigitalFolk have played hundreds of events with outstanding popularity and have had the honor of sharing the stage with artists such as:

Stagga, the Widdler, Bird of Prey, Diesel Boy, Vaski, Flufftronix, The Mutaytor, Wanderlust Circus, Kid Beyond, NitGrit, Nasty Nasty, GAMMA, Mochipet, Megalodon, Kaminanda, Govinda, Russ Liquid, Forrest Green, Energy Alchemist, NitGrit, Nasty Nasty and Mimosa and many more.

Follow the Shaman

The eargasmic tones of a psychedelic jungle paradise lead you through progressive tempo changes and pounding bass lines that open gateways to ancient knowledge and shamanic ritual. This experience gives way to a rhythmic breakdown with reversed bass lines and glitched note work before building back up into a reverse arrangement.

Human Experience

Earth tone percussion and singing bowls are projected by a massive rolling bassline surrounded by syncopated rhythms, didgeridoo and dub influenced melodies. The classic idea that we are “Spiritual Beings living a Human Experience” is illustrated beautifully by soulful lute and string melodies as the song drops back in with a rapid-fire percussion ensemble and injected synth tones.

Ancient Vibration

Utilizing a hybrid tuning system, known a the “Perfect Circle of Sound,” DigitalFolk’s Ancient Vibration, is the worlds first instrumental solfeggio dance composition. This extraordinary masterpiece contains the sounds of a massive array of instruments including Guitar, Lute, Harp, Santoor, Violin, Cello and Bagpipes. The solfeggio arpeggios within the music resonate with geometric counter-harmonics to induce an altered state of consciousness. This intense liquid array of sounds, capture and elevate your being to a new potential.

The fundamental frequencies at work are:

396 Hz – Releasing emotional patterns.
396 = 3+6+9 = 18 / 2 = 9

417 Hz – Breaking up crystallized emotional patterns.
417: 4+1+7 = 12 / 4 = 3

528 Hz – Love frequency “DNA integrity and repair”.
528: 5+2+8 = 15 / 2.5 = 6

639 Hz – Whole brain quadrant interconnectedness. Connecting Relationships.
39: 6+3+9 = 18 / 2 = 9

741 Hz – Intuitive states & non-linear knowing. Awakening Intuition.
741: 7+4+1 = 12 / 4 = 3

852 Hz – Pure love: unconditional love and returning to Spiritual Order.
852 8+5+2 = 15 / 2.5 = 6


A group Om recorded outside “Ritual” (SF) leads the way to a massive dubstep breakout with powerful Egyptian and Eastern flavors. The sheer power of Egyptian construction levitates bass waves that fill the listeners chest with powerful vibrations and ancient tones.

Key to the Universe

“If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the Universe.” – Nicola Tesla

Spiritual Machines

Spiritual Machines was the start of the DigitalFolk legacy as the first track created by the dynamic-duo Daniel Alvidrez & Daniel Lesser, who unified their intentions as “DigitalFolk”. “The ghost in the machine does the moonwalk!” and “This one of the best dubstep songs I have ever heard.” are some of the awesome comments made by fans.

Order of the Dragon

The vast majority of human beings on Earth, still live in a deep slumber and in total neglect of the fact that they are immortal multidimensional beings and sovereign creators (masters) of their reality. 2012 is the beginning of a shift in consciousness and the guiding force behind that change is the energy of the Dragon. Immortalized by cultures around the world, the Dragon is the universal archetype of change. We present to you a “Living Dragon” conjured from vibration.

Don’t Taze Me (Skull & Bones Mix)

Freedom is a concept that is still to be realized. The divine unity of three voices, Dr. Martin Luther King, Andrew Meyer and Rodney King Jr., create a monumental statement about the ultimate dream of peace.

“I have a dream”… “Don’t taze me bro”… “Can’t we all just get along?”

Light Being

Collaborating with the talented “JemInEye,” DigitalFolk’s “Light Being” is a hypnotic dubstep anthem whose mantra tells us we are beings of light that will transcend this physical experience because we are eternal. Pumping bass whomps with spacey synth fills carry into to huge pads and massive sub drops. The song breaks away into a psytrance 4-on-the-floor progression laced with beautiful arpeggios before recoiling back into a reverse arrangement.


Glitchy drum-work builds up into a huge drop, followed by amazing atmospherics and beautiful melodies. The funky groove is injected with elegant synth lines and groovy hooks. The energy of Rise, will push you to your full potential to embody the Divine.

New World Order

In the midst of a technological Renaissance, mankind is at the forefront of a New World Order. The world elite have attempted to gain control of the planet by simultaneously exploiting and controlling all possible aspects of life including political, sociological, religious, and monetary systems with the intent to sell everything and anything for profit. It is up to each of us to unify our Hearts & Minds to free ourselves from oppression and the cycle of fear. The intent and sound of this track hits home with dark overtones of impending doom and uplifting liberation breakouts. The drop erupts with glitch bass and harmonic lead melodies with scribbled synth-lines that weave groovy drum-work and huge bass-lines into well-groomed glitch hop beats. Synth tones rip across frequencies, as the sound design tears notes into pieces.

Secrets of the Ancients

The ultimate knowledge that all ancient civilizations understood and cherished above all earthly things, has been lost in time. The pyramid builders that left us clues, reveal the ultimate truth. Unconditional love has the power to transcend time and space.