PhDeems is a life long musician, avid listener, and all around music-everything appreciater. First introduced to electronic music in 2006, PhDeems fell in love with the rich soundscapes not present in other forms of music. He developed a deep affinity for the Psychedelic,”Psy,” sound. Introduced to Hip-Hop beat making by a fellow student, PhDeems used this time collaborating to learn Propellerhead Reason and the basics of a MIDI/Computer setup. He then embarked on a new path to create the rhythms and soundscapes floating in his mind. To replicate the psychedelic experience. And to incorporate his love of Nature, Philosophy, and the Universe into thematic musical journeys presented in a psychedelic reggae dub style. Growing up playing bass and years of improvisational jamming, PhDeems has transformed his talents to carve out a unique sound. Driven by worldly melodies, PhDeems is aural mindscapes, deep, dubby basslines, warm pads, phased chords, tripped-out synths and captivating rhythms. With 1 album under his belt, and another on the way, PhDeems is quickly emerging in the “PsyDub” world as a force to be reckoned with.

His current setup includes an Akai APC40, an Akai MPK49, and Reason 5 rewired into Ableton Suite 8.

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