JemInEye Incantations is a poet, sound healer and artist who emulates the way for love and beauty. She teaches how to infuse art into daily life transformation. She began writing poetry as a teen, her live performances date back to young adulthood while living in the eclectic city of San Francisco, CA cafe’s. While the early 1990’s underground rave music scene was in it’s fullest expression, she performed sound healing ceremonies guided through the didgeridoo. The scene evolved into what is now the electronic music and art festivals. JemInEye has performed and contributed to many of these major West Coast transformational festivals. This past year she’s had the opportunity and pleasure of collaborating with other talented and influential music producers and DJ’s within this transformation scene. These artists include: Temple Step Project, Phadroid, Light Child, Galactronic, Alia Bombgoddess, Ixchel Prisna, Amae Love & Kalya Scintilla.

JemInEye Incantations spoken word poetry can be heard on several DJ mixes, song collaborations, music videos and albums. Her collaborations include talented musicians such as: Spirit Hood, YES*TRIBE, Infinite Geometry, Loon Cosmic Downtempo, Light Child Project, Itom Lab, Sun Glitters, JP Illusion, Sonic Crime, Chilled C’Quence, Dharum, Elpirri and Digital Folk. JemInEye Incantations is available for transformational collaboration, live performance and sound healing ceremonies at festivals and special events.