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Dubtrak is a brainchild of music producer and recording artist Richard Lisaj. Growing up in Poland, Richard was heavily influenced by vibrant underground punk and reggae scene that existed there in early 80’s. Throughout the 90’s, already living in Canada, he developed a keen interest in electronic and sample-based music, and begun to experiment with sounds and beats that fused elements of reggae and electronica.

Emergence of home-base recording technologies and Internet pushed Richard further towards self-production and exploration of new possibilities in sound design. Music he recorded and produced under different names in early 2000’s found a fair amount of success on then popular music download sites like mp3.com and download.com

Living in the city as diverse and as multicultural as Toronto, Canada, one doesn’t have to travel far to be exposed to ethnic music from all corners of the world. By mid-2000, this third element – World Beat Music – started to influence Richard increasingly and, once ideas for his 1st full album had crystallized, it cemented the foundations of the new project: Dubtrak.

Independently released in 2008 “Dubtrak Assault Unit” has been very well received, both locally and overseas. Numerous tracks have had ample amount of airplay on local university radio stations, BBC Asian Network, and were featured in podcasts that specialize in dub, reggae, world fusion and electronica programming.

In 2009, keeping his original influences alive, Richard reached out to other artists connected with Polish reggae and dub scene. As a result, he had collaborated with Ragaboy, Warsaw-based multi-instrumentalist who plays sitar, dilruba and tanpura on number of tracks on Dubtrak’s 2nd album.

“Rapture”, has been released on July 26 2011 on Toronto-based label Renegade Recordings and is available for download on iTunes and through other fine digital music retailers.

“Rapture” ventures even further into Global Beat Fusion territory. While music is still grounded with groovy electronica beats and dubby basslines, this time around Dubtrak goes beyond reggae-influenced vibes and departs for a globe-crossing adventure. This outer journey touches down on all continents. Classical Indian sounds, Middle Eastern and North African rhythms, Australian Aboriginal instruments and Native North American chants are found all over this album.

In early 2013 a full-length remix album of selected tunes from “Dubtrak Assault Unit” and“Rapture” was released independently. “reTRAKed” contains 12 tracks, mostly Richard’s own remixes, with KalaHari (Portugal) and Rogan (UK) providing bonus tracks.

Currently Richard works on multiple fronts: he continues to deliver Mixes for Yoga by Dubtrak, prepares brand new material for upcoming Dubtrak EP, works towards Art Sonic 2nd album and records abstract ambient music that will be soon released under Intersonic Subformation.