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    Santa Cruz, CA
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    Dubstep · Glitch · Psychedelic · Trap · World

With their revolutionary approach and style, DigitalFolk is breaking the boundaries of electronic music and bridging the gap between the party scene and the movement for change. Combining electronic music with the folklore and culture of our time, DigitalFolk are heralds of conscious dance music and the celebration of life.

Dan Alvidrez (Builder) & Daniel Lesser (DU3) are eclectic producers in Bay Area electronic music scene. Constant creation over the years has resulted in unforgettable nights, killer performances & incredible new music. Their continuing studies of Divine Sound and desire to touch the mind define DigitalFolk’s approach to their musical adventures.

The team has a systematic approach to melody and dynamics that sets the stage for their magical sounds. A keen ear for sound and natural music ability are the ingredients that makes each of their soulful tracks stand out. These note ninjas battle as audio fireworks and jaw-dropping effects set off their otherworldly compositions.

These long time friends have decided to offer something bigger, something different, something meaningful. We create music which shines a light to inspire the mind. It’s the language of the soul. Its one of the only real truths in the world.

Now that the dance floor has brought us all here together, what comes next?

With experience playing over 200 parties/events and a outstanding popularity we’re respected and revered by the west coast bass music scene. we’ve had the awesome opportunity to play alongside the following artists:

Stagga, the Widdler, Bird of Prey, Diesel Boy, Vaski, Flufftronix, The Mutaytor, Wanderlust Circus, Kid Beyond, NitGrit, Nasty Nasty, GAMMA, Mochipet, Megalodon to name a few of the headlining acts we’ve shared the honor to played with.